Hallowe'en Still Lives!! :D:D

The next installment of Eclectica is: Happy Hallowe'en!-Part 1

I have been SO EXCITED about my Hallowe'en episode for Ecltectia!!
I've been searching & searching, gathering & re-gathering music for some time now; in anticipation of making a Hallowe'en episode for you, my dear listeners- and all the folks like me who just ADORE the holiday. ^_^

Unfortunately however, my job & my organization of a very large zombie event in DC prevented me from working on it as much as I'd have liked until -after- All Hallow's Eve. :( -But never fear! I will NOT let that stop me from publishing all the fun, fantastic music I've compiled for this illustrious (if now past) occasion!

I've been bustin' my butt nights and weekends trying to put this crazy thing together, and I really hope you like what you hear. ^_^

I had to divide this super-sized episode into two parts, since when the whole thing was finished it ran a whopping hour and a half! (And there were still tracks I ended up omitting! O.O)

First off, as I spend much of each year garnering zombie music to play for the DC Zombie Lurch, we start this episode off with two spiffy songs that're zombie-related! :D Both come from the Podcast Music Network- (as do most of the songs I play here on Eclectica). :)

1. Jonathan Coulton - Re; Your Brains
2 Tom Smith - Undead Happy Trees

Next, a few fun tracks I encountered while scoping out the PMN; one which I don't truly think is about witches, and the other from a longtime favorite of mine- who's a master of the unusual, somewhat creepy, darker sound and wicked, wicked lyrics. ^_^

3. Bloc Party - Hunting for Witches
4. Tom Waits - How's it Going to End?

After that, I HAD to play something from a veritable icon in the Goth/spooky community- Voltaire! (I had the pleasure of seeing him live at CBGB's while I was spending some time in NYC, and he was super-nice. -After his performance I waited in line to speak to him, n' when it was my turn I relayed that I'd been having an uber-crappy day, and how much he'd made it better w/his awesome performance. What'd he do? He hugged me n' gave me a few bits of freebie merch to cheer me up. :):) What a good guy! :D:D)

After that comes a terribly appropriately-named band (well, at least where the holiday is concerned- but Hallowe'en or not- ya gotta love it! ;D), w/their even more appropos song "Halloween Girl." ..How could I resist?? ;D

5. Voltaire - When You're Evil (Permission given by the artist.)
6. Ghosts on the Radio - Halloween Girl

Next up, one of my all-time favorite comedians- and you cannot imagine how elated I was to find he had some of his stuff on IODA! :D:D This guy is insanely funny- as long as you're not easily offended. ;) After that, check out this wicked song in the movie "Dead and Breakfast." If you like silly or fun horror mixed w/a bit of conscious cheese and a liberal dose of humour, you're gonna love this flick- and the super music Zachariah supplies for it all throughout the film! :D

7. Stephen Lynch - Halloween (Courtesy of the Ioda PromoNet.)
8. Zachariah and the Lobos Rider - We're Comin' ta Kill Ya (Permission given by the artist.)

Lastly (for this section of the ep. anyway), we have a seriously spooky tale told by a very talented storyteller, whom I've had the pleasure of seeing on a few occassions. He does lots of pieces inspired by the fae, vampires and such, and this is- aside from perhaps one other, just about the scariest piece I've heard of his. So, it's up- and you'll hear the end of it on Eclectica's next installment! *evil grins*

9. Joshua Safford - The Midnight Circus -Part One (Permission kindly given by the artist.)

If you'd like to know more, see more, and hear more about the talented folks who're featured today (of course you do!!) than click on the links amidst the playlist. The artist's name will be linked to their official web site, and if a myspace page is available for them and/or their work, you'll find that link under the song/piece name. :)

All pieces were acquired via the Podcast Music Network, unless otherwise noted.

And lastly, if you have any requests, ideas, suggestions or comments about the show, plesae feel free to e-mail me (DJ Selchie) at wytherwiere@hotmail.com.

Thanks so much for listening, and I hope you'll come back again soon! ^_^

Many Grateful Cheers,
DJ Selchie

If You Wanna Get Your Spooky On

While prepping the show's latest episode, I found a little story online to narrate for this demo I wanted to put forth for a particular podcast-series that I'm a big fan of. It's one of the many versions of an oooold campfire/ghost story that I'm extremely fond of; called "Taily Po." This version is written by Veronica Byrd, & I thought some of you might get a kick out of hearing it while you wait for the next ep. of Eclectica to come out. :)

Cheers and Love,
DJ Selchie

So What's This Name Change Stuff???

The above image copyright by me- DJ Selchie. (-Yes, that's right- I actually drew this. ;D:D)

I don't know if anyone's noticed (or frankly if anyone truly cares..) but if you have or if you do, some might be asking "so, what the *bleep!*'s up w/this whole 'DJ Selchie' thing??" Well, I've always wanted to spin music, have a DJ name n' be all "professional," and as I've always hated my first name, and am in the process of changing it, I thought it'd be better to publish my podcast (as well as do anything professionally musical unless it's singing my own original songs) under a destinctive, very special and uniquely illustrative pseudonym. (..A pen name, a nome de plume, a "professional name," etc.)

As I'm a HUGE water-baby,as well as a total mermaid & selchie fan, I thought I'd name myself after one of these... Since I've got Scottish and Irish blood, as well as features many have noted as being seal or selchie-like (such as big, dark eyes, long, dark hair, being more awkward on land than I am in the water, etc.), because I love faerie folklore and am a dweller of both land and a lover of the sea, I thought the selchie would be most appropriate. :)

Now, I know most folks will look at my DJ moniker and erroneously pronounce it "sel'-chee," but dernit, slapping a "k" in there where I was tuaght (through admittedly what little Gaelic training I have) a "ch" should be just doesn't look (or feel) right to me. So I stayed in keeping w/one of the older (and one of the many variations of) the original, Gaelic spellings. :) So just turn that "ch" sound into that of a "k," and you've got it right down pat. ^_^

I hope it doesn't throw too many people for a loop, and that you all dig the new name. As I'm a huge fan of the mythic, ethereal & mystical, as well as fantasy & the generally fantabulous, I hope this name will suit me well, as well as the wonderful tunes I hope to spin- and do credit to the beautifyl fae-seal maidens from whom I have gotten this moniker. :)

Many, many thanks to y'all for your help & support, & I hope you like what you hear!!

With Love,
DJ Selchie

I'm so Sorry

An old friend of mine has passed away suddenly, and I just wanted to say "goodbye, I wish I'd known you better, and that I wish so much that I'd kept closer with you over the years. You are a remarkable person, and I'm sorry for not talking to you more. Thank you for your many gifts- most of all being just your friendship."

I've known Jeff since I was about five, and my mom loves telling people how I always used to call him "my first boyfriend" when I was little. I went to school w/him as a little kid, played "Beep Ball" w/him as I was growing up; and was always amazed at fucking funny he could be, and how truly frigging SMART the man was. As the years went by (and I tried harder and harder to be "cool") though, I didn't keep in very good contact with him. And I should have. He came to a few of my birthday parties over the years, but I never really talked to him beyond those events we were together much, & my mom kept in touch w/him every six months or so-. which si more than I ever did. Well this morning I got the word that Jeff had suddenly passed away, and after a time of total shock, it's been like a bomb hit me. Fortunately my mom & I were able to go to his funeral. & that funeral home was PACKED with about three to four hundred people. Apparently Jeff was extremely spiritual, sang for his friends to make them happy, & served as a chairman on committees for disabled rights and advocacy. And all of this was news to me. I found out about many parts of his life I didn't know before, and I saw what an impact he made on others' lives, and just wanted to leet him know, here, in some way- if he can see this now- how much he touched mine. Jeff Watkins had a lot of physical problems, but he was one of the smartest people I'll ever know, and one of the bravest and strongest as well. He did a lot of amazing things, and I'm sorry I didn't know him better. I'm so grateful to have known him in the ways I did. He's blessed my life in more ways than I could possibly express.

Jeff, I'll miss you, and hope that wherever you are, you're happy, whole, and free.

Love Always.


Contact Information

As it seems I accidentally forgot something on my introductory podcast, here you have info for a sure, reliable way to get in contact w/me. I'd -love- to hear your thoughts, comments, opinions, & ideas! And if you happen to have a question, don't hold back! I freely welcome those, too. ^_^

-DJ Selchie

(And just in case this doesn't happen to work for you, for some reason, here's the same info, but in text/clickable form: wytherwiere@hotmail.com)