In Memory of an Old Friend

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This podcast is dedicated to my friend Jeff Watkins, who died recently, but who beat the odds day by day since even before the day of his birth. He was magnificently brilliant, kindhearted, sweet and strong- in mind and spirit, if not so much in body. Jeff, thank you for the time and love you gave me. I hope you're happy wherever you are, and that if you can hear me or know my heart right now, that you realize how much of an impact you made in my life, and how much of an impression you made in the lives of so many, many others.

Love You,

-This episode is also dedicated to all of those who might be dealing with the loss of of a loved-one; as well as to the memories of those whom we've lost through years. May you always remember those who've passed and smile, and to those who've passed, may you always smile down upon the ones who remember you. :)

Love Always,
DJ Selchie

Track List

1. Nita Whitaker - Heaven Holds the Ones I Love (Because it does. Far too many of them.)
2. Julianna Raye - Laughing Wild* (Remembering innocence, love, laughter and light...)
3. Joannie Madden - Women of Ireland* (Does this speak of pure joy, or pure grief? Or both?)
4. The Endparty - There is no Time* (Becuase there isn't. Life is far, far too short.)
5. Jen Foster - Underdogs (This sings of those who are different, & of people sticking together.)
6. Virginia Coalition - Sing Along (We need to lift each other up. not tear one another down.)
7. Farewell June - Shine On* (Because you should. :))
8. Donna Lewis - Don't Ever (Cherish your own light as well. :))
9. Gypsy Nomads - Summerland* (Journey across the Mists into another realm...)
10.Melissa Ferrick - Closer (Closer to Heaven? Perfection maybe? Or to our dreams perhaps?)
11. Hey Nunnie Nunnie - Duncan's Song* (I may have lost a "he," but the sentiments remain.)
12. Bing Crosby - Count Your Blessings (Again, because we should. :) It makes everything seem brighter.. even the toughest moments. ^_^)
...Here are some of the blessings featured in this Ep:

Background Music:
Denean - Passage to the Earth Mother

Asterisks (*) indicate songs which were allowed to be played for Eclectica explicitly by the artist.

Very, very special thanks & deepest gratitude go out to each of the artists who personally donated their wonderful music to the making of this particular episode.

Also, kudos (as always) to the Podcast Music Network & Ioda Promo Net; for helping to make this episode possible. My grattitude also goes out to the Internet Music Archives, where I found the piece by Mr. Crosby. I especially wanted to put that song on this show, and I'm incredibly grateful to have been able to do so w/your help.

Without these sources and the gracious allowance of the artists who gave permission for their music to be played here on Eclectica, I wouldn't have any music available to share w/anyone. So thank you, all. :):)

Yours in Gratitude,
DJ Selchie

E-4 is Here!!! ^_^ Just Dance!

  • I figured a few tricks out w/Audacity, and this ep. doesn't have any major flubs or big issues like other previous ones have. I worked on it all night & into today (as I totally got inspired n' it lit a major fire under my butt- you fellow artists know what that's like), and I'm so glad I did. :D:D
  • My mic still sucks, but I found a new way to lessen the multi-track-garbling issue, and I'm really, rerally pleased w/Eclectica's latest episode. ^_^
  • The credits are still forth-coming (another detail oriented, time-consuming thing I need to do when I wake back up), but they will indeed soon appear- so you can find all of the artists' awesome music. :D Edit: They have arrived! See below for where to browse & buy the work of these awesome & unique artists! :D
  • I hope all of you out there in Listener-Land like it too!
Like I say on the end of each ep- if you have any ideas, comments, questions, concerns etc. for Eclectica or its content, I'd love to hear from you. ^_^ (You can either go to the e-mail address mentioned in the show, or just ping me here. :))

And now I'm off to go write something about this in my Tribe blog real quick; since there're so many bellydancers there, n' this ep. has a lot of ME influence. *glee*
(But to those of you who're not into that sort of thing, don't overlook this ep. because of that! It's got Renny stuff in it, all sorts of silliness, and some generally neat songs in there, too! ;D)

Oh yes, and for those of you who're into it, my wee li'l show can also be found on iTunes. :)
And dassit! Thanks for Listening and Visiting!

Cheers for now, y'all! *waves n' dances off- only to then pass right out*

DJ Selchie

Track List:

1. Omnia - Dil Gaya
2. Haunted by Waters - Winds of Love
3. Faun - Sirena
4. Nile Gypsies - Farakouni
5. Great Big Sea - Chemical Worker's Song
6. Hey Nunnie Nunnie - Commercial & Endearing Young Charms
7. Salsa Celtica - An Calleach
8. Kiva - Durge Durge
9. Green Man - Óró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
10.Mooneystarr - Shrimp & Cookies
11. Yoav - Club Thing
12. Johnny Dangerous - Dirty is the New Black

Background Music:
Crime Syndicate - Middle Eastern
MIDIval Puntiz - Raanjhan