An Eclectican Holiday

Good news! Eclectica's got its first holiday episode up and out! I've just put the 'cast together so I'll be getting you all the song list and every appropriate link after I coback from visiting with my family over the holiday. :) (Now sitting below! :D:D) For now, here's a new show to keep you entertained over the next few (hopefully wonderful) days!

I hope you have a wondrous and joyous winter season; filled with warmth, laughter, fond memories to last a lifetime, & an over-abundance of love!

Brightest of Blessings,
DJ Selchie

Track List

1. Anna Wilson - Yule Swing
2. Jonathan Coulton - Podsafe Christmas Song
3. Must be Tuesday - Merry Nondenominational Holiday
4. The Nadas - Here Comes Christmas
5. Jim Murphy - Carol of the Bells
6. Tommy Harden - Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella
7. Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Music - Drummer Boy - A Celtic Rendition (Feat. Ann Malone)
8. Stellamara - Kyrie Eleison
9. The York Waits - El Desembre Congelat
10. Paul Winter - Tomorrow is my Dancing Day
11. The London Fox Players - Here we Come A-Wassailing
12. Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas Music - Silent Night - May There Be Peace On Earth (Feat. Sarah Warwick)
13. Geoff Haynes & Ian Gill - In the Bleak Midwinter
Background music provided by: The Pittsburgh Symphony Brass - Carol of the Bells

The Magic of the Harvest Season

Happy harvest season, everybody!

In honor of so much faerie-influence being present in my life, I've centered the next few shows on the world of Faerie, and I really hope you enjoy the music featured! It's a delight for me to share this music with you, and I hope you find just as much magic in it as I do. :)

Whether you're into celebrating Hallowe'en, or prefer to just sit around the table with your family and friends for a good old Thanksgiving dinner, I hope this latest episode of Eclectica finds you well! For "many longs" as my grandmother would say, I've had the next few episodes in the works; so instead of blabbing all over the place here, I'll simply let the next (and long-time coming) episode of Eclectica speak for itself! Here's to a marvelous Turkey Day, more things to be thankful for than you could ever possibly count, and an All Hallows Eve that's nothing but pure magic!

Track Listing:


Band Name = Band Web Site (Where available.)
Track Title = Band Myspace Page (Where available.)
Image Link = Available for Purchase From

Background Music: Flute Force - Nymphs Gathering

Thanks again to each and every artist who personally permitted me to play their work on this show, and thanks to my friends; without whom I would not likely have found much of the wonderful music herein, or had so much to be thankful for. :):)

DJ Selchie


Well, if you haven't already guessed, I imagine you've picked up on the fact that I haven't been able to put out a podcast in a while.

To those of you who have been waiting for such, I humbly apologize.

Up until recently I have been in the midst of a rather traumatic move, not knowing where I was going to be for a bit, and in fact living in a wee hotel room, unsure of pretty much.. everything. But good news! Today's a new day, and I am (very gratefully) landed in a wonderful place with a bunch of amazing people around me. ^_^ Therefore, I am extremely happy to be able to announce to you, that


All I can say is; if you like Mid. Eastern &/or bellydance music, -you are going to want to listen to Eclectica's next episode!- :D:D (I'm not gonna spoil it all by spilling the beans here, but srsly- trust me! ^_^)

I'm in the process of getting the CDs I need to snag the songs pertinent for E's next (come-back) episode, and as soon as I do, this thing will be ON!! ^_^ Plus I have a lot of -really, really- great names where our next ep's lineup is concerned- (and who want to hear the show when it's all up and published! *squee!*) So keep your ears peeled (ew- I mean, figuratively, please!), do a little bit of imagining, take a guess or two, and if you or anyone you know likes Middle Eastern or belly-danceable, awesome tunes, come and check on in for the next episode of Eclectica! :D:D

Thanks for listening, as well as for your patience.
Love to All,
DJ Selchie

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh!


Happy St. Pat's to all of you; from Eclectica, DJ Selchie, & all of the "MoonWater" clan! ;D

Contemplating the Next Eclectica

So what kind of show would all of you listeners out there like to hear from me & Eclectica next? What can I improve? What's been under-covered or over-done? Is there a theme or a style of music you'd like to hear? Is there something you'd like me to focus more or less on? Twahk ta me, twahk ta me! ;D

I've been pondering a few different themes for upcoming shows, n' I'd really love to get some feedback. :) How about a show all about featuring exclusively up-tempo, up-beat, Dance/Techno/Rave/Trance/House and/or EBM music? Or perchance something darker or heavier in style? I know I've got a few friends who really dig harder rock, and I've been looking about n' finding a few pieces that would really fit that Metallica-inspired, Grunge &/or Punk rock theme. ^_^

How about Spring-themed music? Something a little Pagan, w/talk of spring holidays, satyrs & Wiccan, old Celtic, Nature & seasonal inspirations, beliefs and practices? What about a show focused entirely on mythological or Fantasy creatures; like faeries, dragons, merfolk, etc.? (I could probably do a whole show each on the fae in one ep. and merfolk in another... ;D)

So what do you think? So many inspirations, so many potential directions to go! :D:D

Hope to hear from you all soon! (On either this web site, Eclectica's MySpace page, E's Twitter feed, or at Eclectica's sister page; ^_^

Thanks All!

DJ Selchie

Episode 7: Audible Anomalies

I've been sitting on this episode for a bit; trying to decide whether or not to publish it as-it was when I first "finished" it, on the night of its creation. Since my microphone woes have not quiiite yet been resolved (though a remedy is fast approaching on the horizon- with the help of UPS ;)), it occurred to me to try something new for a change, and put a little twist in the mix. What exactly? Well, I thought I might let my screen reader speak for me this time, as our temporary show announcer! ^_^ I thought it'd be something neat, new and unique, you know?

But in the end, I decided to go with the advice of a more seasoned podcaster. Therefore, in lieu of letting Jorgan the Electronic Voice Announcer speak up for me (to save you all from having to bear with my cruddy microphone), I chose to re-produce it, w/my own (hopefully pleasing & endearingly oddball) voice. :)

As for the rest of the show's content; a couple of weeks ago I got a "bee in my bonnet" to suddenly make an impromptu, relatively short podcast centered around all of these great bits of music that have not (as yet) fit into any particular show or theme on Eclectica. Therefore, they're the show's "anomalies" as it were. :) -This is NOT so say that these pieces or bands are weird or bizarre or freakish in any negative sense of the words. Not one bit. These artists & their music all rock considerably (otherwise, why the heck would I feature them here??). They are all just so good, their music could go just about anywhere. And thus, mehopes you see my problem. ;)

But I'll let the music speak to you for itself. :)

As always, if you have any thoughts or ideas you might like to relay to me regarding the show, I'd love to hear from you; my rockin' public. :D You can always feel free to contact me (via my new e-mail addy; about programming, artists whom you might like to hear featured on Eclectica, etc., or for any other reason if you wish. And musicians, bands, recording artists etc. are (again, as per usual) most welcome to submit their music for potential use on the show. :)

Aaaanyhoo..! All that being said, on to the music!!
I truly hope you enjoy what you hear. ^_^

Hugs to All,
DJ Selchie

Track List

1. Metro Station - California
2. Shanghai Restoration Project - Preface
3. The Silent Treatment - The Secret (Jamie)
4. Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration
5. The Sisters 3 - Gremlins
6. Bloc Party - Flux
7. My American Heart - The Shake (Awful Feeling)
8. Deastro - Shaded Forests
9. Wendy and Lisa - Invisible

Many thanks to the artists who made this episode possible by making their music podsafe, Ioda PromoNet, The Podcast Music Network, Ariel Publicity, and the "We Are Not Cool" podcast. ^_^
You guys all rock!!

Eclectica's Got a New E-Mail, Plus a New Companion Page!

From now on, if you'd like to contact Eclectica's hostess & resident creatrix (the wondrously bizarre miss DJ Selchie), you can do so via a brand new e-mail address! was just too long, complex n' hard to spell, so in order to facilitate greater hostess-listener interaction, a new gmail account has been created!!
The new e-mail account is already live (up & working), and the old one will be for at least a few weeks, just in case. But from here on out, if you want to get in touch w/Eclectica's host, you can reach her w/your ideas, comments, constructive critiques, tips and other information (such as music submissions) at! ... Woot!

Plus, since Google gives every new e-mail account a BlogSpot account to boot (aren't they nice?), you can also find Eclectica's new companion site @

"What's there" you ask? Easy! That's where you'll find a little bit about your hostess, a few links to places like Eclectica's home page and one or two other related pages, aaaand (here's the best part) all the music that would be played on Eclectica, if time, artist permissions, and copyright laws allowed. :):) ^_^ (And some might, in future! ;D)

If there's a song out there that tickles your fair hostess's fancy, you'll more than likely hear it on Blip. (Whether that be in the "played" section, or to arrive there sometime in future. ;)) -So, since we all know that a certain, unnamed someone has mad-crazy tastes that lie all over the map, don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open over there; for -all kinds- of fun, crazy, catchy, heartfelt & engaging music!! The BlogSpot page for DJ Selchie is predominantly designed to get the word out better about the show, and to disperse DJ Selchie's station on Blip, (which in turn was meant to put greater focus on Eclectica.. ;)- I know.. sneaky!), so like life it comes back around into one big, interconnecting circle. :) I hope you enjoy what you encounter there, and that if you do, you'll drop a line! (Just cast your thoughts into the tidepool at the new e-mail address listed above, into one of the comment boxes here, or in your own blip or response @ DJ Selchie's radio station. :)

Thank you so much for your time & attention, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled internet. ;D

Cheers and Ciaos, Fellow Surfers!

Giving Props Where Props are Due

I've been wondering about what happened to a favorite local DJ whom I no longer hear on the radio anymore, so tonight I decided to go research what was up. Un/Fortunately I found a site that discussed the problem; a station-wide "transition" from one format to another, and it inspired me to write this in response.

..It also reminded me of why Eclectica exists, thus I thought it only right to mention that here, and give proper credit where credit is due. :)

* * * * * * * * *

The Slightly Super-Sized, Wuvvy-Duvvy Valentine's Day Show!

Okay, maybe it's not completely lovey-dovey, but upon examination of the songs I've predominantly used in this episode, some might think it's close... I'm a sap, n' it shows. ;)

I tried over and over and over again to make the music I wanted to use in this episode line up to create a storytelling ep. of sorts, but nothing ever quiiite worked out- so I just used a refinement of my first list; where the items have been lined up the way they are because they just sound good that way. :) One could say that they're now in little thematic groupings of things like "love lost," "love gained" and "love sought," but the only two pieces w/real placement meaning are those placed at the very end. ("Where Beauty Moves" and "Breakable.")

Upon final examination (and the nagging feeling that I was missing something- which inspired this realization) I kind of wish I'd put "Where Beauty Moves" before "Strict Machine" (as the feelings of the song would go better together, it'd be a better transition from "Beauty" to "Machine," and it wouldn't be such a jarring change from "Sadeness" to "Beauty.."), but at this point the work is done, and I'm not up for re-doing the whole end of the show again, like I've already done once. ;) (It's a LOT of work! :)) Perhaps you'll decide to buy these tunes online or in your local area somewhere, and you can make your own fantabulous playlist. :):)

Big props go out to ArielPublicity for access to so many songs for this episode, and as always to IodaPromonet n' the PMN!

I hope this show inspires you and makes your heart grow fonder, and that you dig all the tunes herein. :)

DJ Selchie, Your Siren of Song ;)

Track List

1. Amy Speace - Two (So romantic!!)
2. The Shanghai Restoration Project -Miss Shanghai Revealed (SOO sweet!!)
3. Tori Lewis feat. Talent - Where I Wanna Be (How you should feel when you're in love. :))
4. The Latin Soul Syndicate - El Gitano del Amor (You GOTTA have some Latin music on a show about love n' passion!!!)
5. Donna Lewis - Shout (How so many of us feel when we're in love.. :))
6. Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin (SUCH a beautifully intense, romantic song!! -Almost sounds like Allison Krause in the background.. no?)
7. The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending (A yearning heart hoping for what we all hope for... :))
8. Deirdre Flint - I'm Single (How some of us feel during this holiday. ;))
9. Enigma - The Principles of Lust (The Everlasting Lust Remix) ('Cause love is more than just candy hearts and sonnets. -Ah yes- and show correction, they're German. :))
10. Lothlorien - Willie and Mary (Love is often crossed with hardship. We can only nurture hope & follow our hearts.)
11. Andy Davis - Earth and Venus (Sometimes we don't know how to handle love when we find it...)
12. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Love is not always the same for everyone... ;))
13. Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix) (Love can be painful- & some folks like it that way. ;))
14. The New World Renaissance Band - Where Beauty Moves & Wit Delights (One of the loveliest male voices I've ever heard sings of how love doesn't always turn out the way we wish it would...)
15. Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable (Both love and Life are two supremely precious commodities.)

Background Music: Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix)

Overall message: We need to be careful with each other. Love is a treasure and so are the hearts and lives of the people around us in our lives. We should treat them accordingly. :)

Lastly; I know that the quality of my microphone is still drek, but I hope that the quality of my music more than makes up for that. :):) Also, I hope that this Valentine's Day you find love in your life- no matter what form it takes. And that if you don't, you might at least find some cheer w/the music in this show, and that you keep your heart and hope open for love soon to come. :):)


Blooper, Anyone?

Yep, we selchies are at least partially human, too. ;)

If it were in the newspapers, the title would read: "Podcaster Cracks, Swallowing Microphone Whole" *lol*

NOTE: Keep your volume low!)

DJ Selchie

Eclectica Now Has a Place @Twitter!


If you'd like brand-spanking new updates on what's happening and what's coming up with Eclectica, you can now find "the most unique podcast on the web" on Twitter! :D

Check it out at

"What the heck kind of news could a podcast possibly have?" you ask? Easy! That's where I'll be putting all the news and updates for the show from now on! Unless there's a big, multi-paragraph post that needs to be made (for things like special thanks, particular explanations, lengthy status updates, etc.), you'll be able to find artist permission news, musician connection updates, DJ & podcast status, news about music that's been recently acquired for play, info about new music resources I've found, & much, much more!

Moreover, if you wanna make contact, put out a suggestion or two for Eclectica's programming, direct me to song listings, music resources etc., you can- via Twitter! Just use your own tweets to reply to a particular post there, and I'll see you in my "Replies" section. :)

So sit on down, take a listen, and check us out on Twitter!

Thanks for Visiting!

DJ Selchie

In Memory of an Old Friend

Download Link: Eclectica Episode 5: In Memoriam
Or listen via streaming feed:
This podcast is dedicated to my friend Jeff Watkins, who died recently, but who beat the odds day by day since even before the day of his birth. He was magnificently brilliant, kindhearted, sweet and strong- in mind and spirit, if not so much in body. Jeff, thank you for the time and love you gave me. I hope you're happy wherever you are, and that if you can hear me or know my heart right now, that you realize how much of an impact you made in my life, and how much of an impression you made in the lives of so many, many others.

Love You,

-This episode is also dedicated to all of those who might be dealing with the loss of of a loved-one; as well as to the memories of those whom we've lost through years. May you always remember those who've passed and smile, and to those who've passed, may you always smile down upon the ones who remember you. :)

Love Always,
DJ Selchie

Track List

1. Nita Whitaker - Heaven Holds the Ones I Love (Because it does. Far too many of them.)
2. Julianna Raye - Laughing Wild* (Remembering innocence, love, laughter and light...)
3. Joannie Madden - Women of Ireland* (Does this speak of pure joy, or pure grief? Or both?)
4. The Endparty - There is no Time* (Becuase there isn't. Life is far, far too short.)
5. Jen Foster - Underdogs (This sings of those who are different, & of people sticking together.)
6. Virginia Coalition - Sing Along (We need to lift each other up. not tear one another down.)
7. Farewell June - Shine On* (Because you should. :))
8. Donna Lewis - Don't Ever (Cherish your own light as well. :))
9. Gypsy Nomads - Summerland* (Journey across the Mists into another realm...)
10.Melissa Ferrick - Closer (Closer to Heaven? Perfection maybe? Or to our dreams perhaps?)
11. Hey Nunnie Nunnie - Duncan's Song* (I may have lost a "he," but the sentiments remain.)
12. Bing Crosby - Count Your Blessings (Again, because we should. :) It makes everything seem brighter.. even the toughest moments. ^_^)
...Here are some of the blessings featured in this Ep:

Background Music:
Denean - Passage to the Earth Mother

Asterisks (*) indicate songs which were allowed to be played for Eclectica explicitly by the artist.

Very, very special thanks & deepest gratitude go out to each of the artists who personally donated their wonderful music to the making of this particular episode.

Also, kudos (as always) to the Podcast Music Network & Ioda Promo Net; for helping to make this episode possible. My grattitude also goes out to the Internet Music Archives, where I found the piece by Mr. Crosby. I especially wanted to put that song on this show, and I'm incredibly grateful to have been able to do so w/your help.

Without these sources and the gracious allowance of the artists who gave permission for their music to be played here on Eclectica, I wouldn't have any music available to share w/anyone. So thank you, all. :):)

Yours in Gratitude,
DJ Selchie