The Slightly Super-Sized, Wuvvy-Duvvy Valentine's Day Show!

Okay, maybe it's not completely lovey-dovey, but upon examination of the songs I've predominantly used in this episode, some might think it's close... I'm a sap, n' it shows. ;)

I tried over and over and over again to make the music I wanted to use in this episode line up to create a storytelling ep. of sorts, but nothing ever quiiite worked out- so I just used a refinement of my first list; where the items have been lined up the way they are because they just sound good that way. :) One could say that they're now in little thematic groupings of things like "love lost," "love gained" and "love sought," but the only two pieces w/real placement meaning are those placed at the very end. ("Where Beauty Moves" and "Breakable.")

Upon final examination (and the nagging feeling that I was missing something- which inspired this realization) I kind of wish I'd put "Where Beauty Moves" before "Strict Machine" (as the feelings of the song would go better together, it'd be a better transition from "Beauty" to "Machine," and it wouldn't be such a jarring change from "Sadeness" to "Beauty.."), but at this point the work is done, and I'm not up for re-doing the whole end of the show again, like I've already done once. ;) (It's a LOT of work! :)) Perhaps you'll decide to buy these tunes online or in your local area somewhere, and you can make your own fantabulous playlist. :):)

Big props go out to ArielPublicity for access to so many songs for this episode, and as always to IodaPromonet n' the PMN!

I hope this show inspires you and makes your heart grow fonder, and that you dig all the tunes herein. :)

DJ Selchie, Your Siren of Song ;)

Track List

1. Amy Speace - Two (So romantic!!)
2. The Shanghai Restoration Project -Miss Shanghai Revealed (SOO sweet!!)
3. Tori Lewis feat. Talent - Where I Wanna Be (How you should feel when you're in love. :))
4. The Latin Soul Syndicate - El Gitano del Amor (You GOTTA have some Latin music on a show about love n' passion!!!)
5. Donna Lewis - Shout (How so many of us feel when we're in love.. :))
6. Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin (SUCH a beautifully intense, romantic song!! -Almost sounds like Allison Krause in the background.. no?)
7. The Silentreatment - Sweet Ending (A yearning heart hoping for what we all hope for... :))
8. Deirdre Flint - I'm Single (How some of us feel during this holiday. ;))
9. Enigma - The Principles of Lust (The Everlasting Lust Remix) ('Cause love is more than just candy hearts and sonnets. -Ah yes- and show correction, they're German. :))
10. Lothlorien - Willie and Mary (Love is often crossed with hardship. We can only nurture hope & follow our hearts.)
11. Andy Davis - Earth and Venus (Sometimes we don't know how to handle love when we find it...)
12. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Love is not always the same for everyone... ;))
13. Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix) (Love can be painful- & some folks like it that way. ;))
14. The New World Renaissance Band - Where Beauty Moves & Wit Delights (One of the loveliest male voices I've ever heard sings of how love doesn't always turn out the way we wish it would...)
15. Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable (Both love and Life are two supremely precious commodities.)

Background Music: Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (The US Violent Remix)

Overall message: We need to be careful with each other. Love is a treasure and so are the hearts and lives of the people around us in our lives. We should treat them accordingly. :)

Lastly; I know that the quality of my microphone is still drek, but I hope that the quality of my music more than makes up for that. :):) Also, I hope that this Valentine's Day you find love in your life- no matter what form it takes. And that if you don't, you might at least find some cheer w/the music in this show, and that you keep your heart and hope open for love soon to come. :):)


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  1. Selchie -- thanks so much for including "Under My Skin" in your Valentine's Day show. It is my favorite song on Peter's album "Leavetaking" -- the song that invariably makes me want to pull the car to the side of the road because it transports me to full-swoon under a spring moon.

    You and your listeners might also enjoy Two Loons for Tea, in particular the song "Sunset Room." Sensual and luscious.

    very best,

    sarathan records