Contemplating the Next Eclectica

So what kind of show would all of you listeners out there like to hear from me & Eclectica next? What can I improve? What's been under-covered or over-done? Is there a theme or a style of music you'd like to hear? Is there something you'd like me to focus more or less on? Twahk ta me, twahk ta me! ;D

I've been pondering a few different themes for upcoming shows, n' I'd really love to get some feedback. :) How about a show all about featuring exclusively up-tempo, up-beat, Dance/Techno/Rave/Trance/House and/or EBM music? Or perchance something darker or heavier in style? I know I've got a few friends who really dig harder rock, and I've been looking about n' finding a few pieces that would really fit that Metallica-inspired, Grunge &/or Punk rock theme. ^_^

How about Spring-themed music? Something a little Pagan, w/talk of spring holidays, satyrs & Wiccan, old Celtic, Nature & seasonal inspirations, beliefs and practices? What about a show focused entirely on mythological or Fantasy creatures; like faeries, dragons, merfolk, etc.? (I could probably do a whole show each on the fae in one ep. and merfolk in another... ;D)

So what do you think? So many inspirations, so many potential directions to go! :D:D

Hope to hear from you all soon! (On either this web site, Eclectica's MySpace page, E's Twitter feed, or at Eclectica's sister page; ^_^

Thanks All!

DJ Selchie