More Eclectican Video

Ever want visuals to go with your audio?  Ever wanna know what the musician was thinking when he/she originally wrote a song?  Do you like to see who makes the music you love, or yearn to watch the music that you dig most get made?  Have you ever wondered if there was a specific background story or particular meaning to the lyrics in a song?  Well if the answer to any of these queries is "yes," then you're in luck!  Here's where you'll find videos for some of the great music that you can hear on Eclectica!  :D

---Starting with the most recent eps going down.---

Again; these videos are for entertainment purposes only, and are intended to be visual representations of certain pieces of music which have appeared (with full rights) in the podcast. Neither Eclectica, DJ Selchie or any parties involved with this page purport to bear rights over the material herein, unless otherwise explicitly noted. No profits are garnered from the materials which are shown here, and all rights to the videos featured on this page remain the sole property of their producers, recording companies, original owners and contributors. They are not to be downloaded, copied, altered or reproduced in any way. Thank you!