Squee! Eclectica's Got a New Mic!

Guess what..?  Thanks to a HUGELY generous holiday gift, Eclectica's sound quality has just been elevated to the next level of awesome! XD  I've just gotten a Blue brand, Silver Edition "Yeti" condenser microphone (which in levels of quality is out of this WORLD compared to the mic I was originally using), and  I am SO EXCITED to share the news with you! XD

..So what does that mean for the show, exactly..?  Well, it means that whenever you hear my voice on-air, the quality of the sound in the voiceovers will be much, much improved. XD  Woohoo!  *does a happy dance*  Below you'll find a super-quick recording to give you guys an idea of what's to come (not much mixing, leveling, etc.), but I hope you'll agree that the quality of Eclectica's production from here on out has just been improved by leaps & bounds. ^_^

I hope you all had a marvelous New Year and holiday season, and that you come back soon and often to hear what's in store for Eclectica in the year to come! :)  -And of course, as always; if you have requests for the show, comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas, that I hear from you either on Eclectica's Facebook page, in a comment somewhere here, or via my e-mail, at djselchie@gmail.com. ^_^

Thank you guys so much for listening, visiting and supporting the show, and brightest blessings for the New Year!
--DJ Selchie

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