Video of the Week!

Not only can you hear great music on Eclectica, but now you can also see some of the great work from the artists who contribute to the show as well!  There's so many great songs out there, and so many great videos that correspond with them, so why not add a little visual goodness, to go with our already awesome audio, no?  So drop on by every week to see which great tune from one of Eclectica's most recent shows has been given a little bit of extra focus!  It's our new feature, the Video of the Week!

So who gets this week's special spotlight?  Oh.. look!  It's the divine Dead Can Dance, with their recent world tour version of "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove!"  I got to see these guys this September at Wolf Trap, and these guys were EPIC!!!  And now.. seeing it even closer.. SWOON!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Want more VoWs?  Check out the first Video of the Week below; Mal Blum's awesomely infectious tune "Ode to Kulele."  :D

Want more great music from Eclectica's most recent shows?  Check out our other Videos page, and thanks for visiting!  I hope you like what you've found. ^_^

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