The Magic of the Harvest Season

Happy harvest season, everybody!

In honor of so much faerie-influence being present in my life, I've centered the next few shows on the world of Faerie, and I really hope you enjoy the music featured! It's a delight for me to share this music with you, and I hope you find just as much magic in it as I do. :)

Whether you're into celebrating Hallowe'en, or prefer to just sit around the table with your family and friends for a good old Thanksgiving dinner, I hope this latest episode of Eclectica finds you well! For "many longs" as my grandmother would say, I've had the next few episodes in the works; so instead of blabbing all over the place here, I'll simply let the next (and long-time coming) episode of Eclectica speak for itself! Here's to a marvelous Turkey Day, more things to be thankful for than you could ever possibly count, and an All Hallows Eve that's nothing but pure magic!

Track Listing:


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Background Music: Flute Force - Nymphs Gathering

Thanks again to each and every artist who personally permitted me to play their work on this show, and thanks to my friends; without whom I would not likely have found much of the wonderful music herein, or had so much to be thankful for. :):)

DJ Selchie