Ladies and gentlemen, beautiful bois and grrls, I am INSANELY pleased to announce that THE FIRST NEW EPISODE OF ECLECTICA IS NOW OFFICIALLY ALIVE AND KICKING!!! ^_^

In this first, brand new episode, the show is ALL about bellydance!  In fact, this show is dedicated to all the amazing dancers in my life, as well as every single amazing dancer out there; male or female, big or small, young, old, able-bodied or otherwise, who is moved and inspired by this incredible, empowering artform. ^_^  To every single one of you; you guys ROCK.  This is for you. ♥♥♥ ^_^

-And in honor of that artform (which has basically, blessedly, eaten my brains ;)) I've structured this first show a little like a bellydance class- or a multi-faceted Middle Eastern Dance show. :D  So.. without further ado- here goes!  On with the show! ^_^

Band Names = Links to each band's official web site- where available).
Song Names = Links to where you can BUY each musician's work- LEGALLY.  :)

Background music:  TsG TrIB - GsY Mix
  1. Deirdre Flint - Introduction to Bellydancing
  2. Shanghai Restoration Project - Babylon of the Orient
  3. Beats Antique (featuring LYNX) - She's Looking for Something
  4. The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It (Mixtape Version)
  5. Solace - Bounce
  6. Brothers Of The Baladi - Nebtidy M'nain El Hakiah
    (Where Do We Begin Our Story?)
  7. Michael Beach - La Casa De Malfouf (The Malfouf Rhythm)
  8. Arabesque - Rak's en Nar
  9. Schmoolik & DeScribe - Modern Day Moses
    (The Stolen Casios Remix)
  10. Pentaphobe - I Cash Radii
  11. DJ Tomasc - Romica Step
  12. Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
  • The first portion is stuff to get your ears intrigued, your blood pumping, and your body eager to MOVE. ^_^  
  • The second portion is more directly inspired by Eastern and Middle Eastern music, (which some associate more with Cabaret-style bellydance).  
  • And the last segment offers music with a more modern twist, but still touches of various types of Eastern influences.  (Think more Tribal & Fusion inspired work. :))  
Each part of the show was designed to flow well from one section to another (so you may notice a little blending or overlap of styles at the edges of each segment at times).  But no matter what style or section of the show you're listening to, I hope it ALL makes you wanna dance- move, shimmy & strut- even if you've never taken a SINGLE bellydance class. ;D  (And if you like what you hear, srsly, go out and BUY this stuff from the musicians.  Every little bit helps to support new and interesting music to be made by these awesome and often unsung artisans of audio! :D)

Of course future episodes of Eclectica will have all KINDS of other music interspersed within, but as bellydance has become such a HUGE part of my life, you'll find a good many of the shows from here on out featuring music that'll make you wanna shake your money-maker in all KINDS of marvelous ways.. ;D  -And to those who fear the show will -just- be Middle Eastern from now on, FEAR NOT!  Songs of -all types- make me want to get up and dance- be they fast, slow, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Rock, Pop, and on and on, so whether a show is bellydance-inspired or not, Eclectica will -still- be Eclectic- and feature all KINDS of great music. ^_^

And of course, this is just the start of the coolness I have in store for future episodes of Eclectica, so if you like what you hear, please, let me hear from you! ^_^  Feedback from listeners means SO MUCH to us li'l indie podcasters (as it lets us know that our music is being heard), so every little bit of interaction counts more than you could possibly know. :)  (And since we appreciate it so much, we're also more likely to get back to you with responses, which is not something always experienced w/the bigger, more fancy types of entertainment media. ;))  Plus, as this is also a proving ground to see whether or not the show will continue (and if so, in what direction), the more feedback I get from you, the better the show will likely be! :D (Plus- the more likely that the show will be tailored to you. ;D)  So if you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or concerns, please drop on by and leave a comment- either here, on Eclectica's Facebook page, or via my e-mail addy, at; djselchie @ gmail . com.  (W/spaces omitted, of course. ;))  ^_^

Thank you so much to -everyone- who's helped and supported Eclectica in previous years, as well as in this new incarnation, and thank all of YOU out there who're listening!  Plus, extra-special thanks go out to Deirdre Flint, Beats Antique, LYNX, Pentaphobe, DJ Tomasc and Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry, who kindly gave their exclusive permissions for their music to be played here on Eclectica.  (To each and EVERY one of you guys; thank you thank you thank you thank you- SO MUCH! *beams*)  And to ALL of you; my bands and my listeners, supporters, signal-boosters, onlookers and all; I love y'all.  I hope that you dig what you hear, and brightest of blessings. ^_^

Yours Forever in Song,
DJ Selchie