In the Works

Would you like to get hints about what's coming up in Eclectica's (near or distant) future? Wanna take a more off-the-cuff, messy-but-marvelous slog around in DJ Selchie's brain, as she brews up ideas for upcoming podshow bands, resources & themes? Well come on in- THIS is the place to be! Here you'll find a very informal, often funky, freaky, random jaunt about in your fair host's head as she plots out Eclectican episodes yet to be.

Wanna take part in the fun? Respond to one of the questions at the bottom of each page in Eclectica's forum section- or write one of your own topics! It's always wonderful to get peoples' feedback- and especially when it comes to music, two heads are often better than one!

Upcoming Show Concepts

I've had a few ideas that've been roooolllling around in my head over the past year or so, when it comes to potential new shows.  Thanks to radio shows like Schelby Sweeney's "Eclectic Lunch" on the old DC station 99.1 WHFS, themed shows have always been a favorite.  (Although they're most definitely not a requirement for putting on a great show. :))  However, as themes are the direction I automatically gravitate toward when pondering new show concepts, here are a few of my ideas for potential episode topics. that've been swimming around in my head. :)  

(PS- If you want a topic covered here on Eclectica, feel free to comment, make yourself heard via the feedback form at the bottom of each page here, or drop me a note via Eclectica's space on Facebook!.  I love getting listener feedback, and am always up for new and exciting show themes & ideas! ^_^)

1.  I've wanted to do a mermaid-themed show for sometime now (naturally stemming from having done the old fae-themed ep. :)).  I've collected a BUNCH of music on the topic, and could easily pop one out now if  it's a topic in music you'd like to hear explored. :)  -It'd include undines and selchies and any other water-born beings I can find to play.  Plus, it's a topic very, VERY close to my heart- so ya might end up getting to hear it anyway. ;)

2.  More faeries!  Yep, that's right!  I have a whole other show's worth of music I can still bring you on the topic of the Fae.  Would you like to hear more faerie-related music?

3.  Mental Illness.  Yep; madness, psychological & emotional disorders, all of that stuff.  In one vein it'd be fun to have a show about losing one's mind, coming back from mental illness, psychotherapy- all of it.  (I.e. anything to do w/mental health.)  Musically speaking it's a topic w/TONS of potential.  But in another, more serious vein, some of the music in it could actually help some people, too.  It might be good to raise awareness- and to let people who might be suffering w/their own problems know that they're not alone.   

4.  Self confidence!  Let's put together a show that's all about looking good, feeling good, and valuing oneself for the awesome creations that we all are!  Whether it's poking fun at major vanity or an encouraging piece about picking oneself up and moving on to enjoy what's best in life, let's celebrate ourselves and how fabulous it is to be!  (Great potential topic for music while getting ready to go out for a night on the town too- don't you think?)

Well, that's all I've got for right now.  But if you think of anything, feel free to message me!

And again, if you have suggestions for bands or (especially podsafe) music that'd work for one of these themes (or others you'd like to submit), please leave a comment here or drop me a line elsewhere!  Slainte!

DJ Selchie