Eclectica Now Has a Place @Twitter!


If you'd like brand-spanking new updates on what's happening and what's coming up with Eclectica, you can now find "the most unique podcast on the web" on Twitter! :D

Check it out at

"What the heck kind of news could a podcast possibly have?" you ask? Easy! That's where I'll be putting all the news and updates for the show from now on! Unless there's a big, multi-paragraph post that needs to be made (for things like special thanks, particular explanations, lengthy status updates, etc.), you'll be able to find artist permission news, musician connection updates, DJ & podcast status, news about music that's been recently acquired for play, info about new music resources I've found, & much, much more!

Moreover, if you wanna make contact, put out a suggestion or two for Eclectica's programming, direct me to song listings, music resources etc., you can- via Twitter! Just use your own tweets to reply to a particular post there, and I'll see you in my "Replies" section. :)

So sit on down, take a listen, and check us out on Twitter!

Thanks for Visiting!

DJ Selchie