Hooray! Eclectica's Moved- Coast to Coast!

Even though I've been sick, I wanted to put a show out for y'all, in honor of my successful move across the country, my utilities, internet and cable all being active & in working order (at last! XD), and in celebration of the great new place in which I find myself (with its marvelous bellydance community! :D).  With the move and everything going on -before- it, it's just been FAR too long since we've had a new show, so.. now that I finally can, I thought I'd whip up a joyous, up-tempo new ep of Eclectica. ^_^   (With plans of doing lots more on a far more regular basis in the coming months. ^_^)

Featuring music from SoundClick.com, Ioda PormoNet and SoundCloud.com, whether you dance in the office, on the way to work, in a classroom, on stage or just in your livingroom, this show is sure to inspire a shimmy or two- even if you're not a regular dancer. ^_^  Full of happiness, excitement for today, gratitude for yesterday and hope for the future yet to come, this show is FULL of lively, energetic music.  Plus, with various dance styles in mind, it's also packed with diverse cultural  influences and musical styles, so I hope you'll join in the fun I had in making this. ^_^

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Band Names = Links to each band's official web site, where available).
Song Names = Links to where you can BUY each musician's work- LEGALLY.  :D

Background music:  MIDIval Punditz; - Piya
  1. Setrak Sarkissian - Tigi Nigsim Il Amar
  2. Saïd Senhaji & Orchestra Zahra - Chitana
  3. DJ Tomasc  - Chot n' Cold Mix
  4. Niyaz - Dilruba
  5. Skarazula - Non Sofre Santa Maria
  6. Lamajamal - Ish Adani
  7. Alin Rogoz - Sweet and Lovely
  8. DJ Click - Tziganie
  9. Rabii - N'reservé ou Nalhegha
  10. Joud - Ya Ali
  11. Slonovski Bal - Hočemo Li U Šabac?
  12. Maroon Shaker - Spicy Dukkah


Lastly, this episode. is also dedicated to our furry friends, who.. perhaps.. may appear in background noises of important recordings.. *cough* - enrich our lives with their endless love, and bring us countless joys, every single day.  To my 2 black kitties, I love you.  Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. ^_^  And to my dear little friend Migo, whom I just met over the Thanksgiving holiday, this is for you & your family, little man.  Thank you for being with us while on your journey, too..
♥ ♥ ♥

Now, kick off your shoes, take a deep breath, snag a gulp of water before you start.. and let's get ready to DANCE, 'cause there is soooo much in life worth celebrating!  ^_^

Yours Forever In Song,
--DJ Selchie