Eclectica's Got a New E-Mail, Plus a New Companion Page!

From now on, if you'd like to contact Eclectica's hostess & resident creatrix (the wondrously bizarre miss DJ Selchie), you can do so via a brand new e-mail address! was just too long, complex n' hard to spell, so in order to facilitate greater hostess-listener interaction, a new gmail account has been created!!
The new e-mail account is already live (up & working), and the old one will be for at least a few weeks, just in case. But from here on out, if you want to get in touch w/Eclectica's host, you can reach her w/your ideas, comments, constructive critiques, tips and other information (such as music submissions) at! ... Woot!

Plus, since Google gives every new e-mail account a BlogSpot account to boot (aren't they nice?), you can also find Eclectica's new companion site @

"What's there" you ask? Easy! That's where you'll find a little bit about your hostess, a few links to places like Eclectica's home page and one or two other related pages, aaaand (here's the best part) all the music that would be played on Eclectica, if time, artist permissions, and copyright laws allowed. :):) ^_^ (And some might, in future! ;D)

If there's a song out there that tickles your fair hostess's fancy, you'll more than likely hear it on Blip. (Whether that be in the "played" section, or to arrive there sometime in future. ;)) -So, since we all know that a certain, unnamed someone has mad-crazy tastes that lie all over the map, don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open over there; for -all kinds- of fun, crazy, catchy, heartfelt & engaging music!! The BlogSpot page for DJ Selchie is predominantly designed to get the word out better about the show, and to disperse DJ Selchie's station on Blip, (which in turn was meant to put greater focus on Eclectica.. ;)- I know.. sneaky!), so like life it comes back around into one big, interconnecting circle. :) I hope you enjoy what you encounter there, and that if you do, you'll drop a line! (Just cast your thoughts into the tidepool at the new e-mail address listed above, into one of the comment boxes here, or in your own blip or response @ DJ Selchie's radio station. :)

Thank you so much for your time & attention, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled internet. ;D

Cheers and Ciaos, Fellow Surfers!

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