Cleaning Up The Broken Pieces

I finally had the nards to face my jacked up previous episodes, and though they may not sound perfect (I not ezzakly sure why/how my sound files keep gettin' all screwed up), I cleaned up some things and really hope you like the final result. (I realize that the quality loss is probably due to over-compression, n' that I could go back and replace every song file I have in my show to improve the sound quality, but w/the huge amount of man hours that it took to put it all together, frankly I just don't think I have the heart in me to try and do it again.) It took me a long time to try and face the mucky, cruddy, overly-digitized quality of just one of these pieces (a main track which was split between the first and second episodes), but now it's finally done (or, at least that part w/o redoing the whole thing), and I really hope you all like the "finished" product. :)

It'll take some more learning and doing and working w/Audacity to really get multi-track pieces up and running nicely, but I hope you'll bear w/me while I get my tech and software skills up to par, and that you'll at least enjoy your journey along the way. ;)

So saying, enuff w/the chatter! ;D Here's the second part of the long-awaited Hallowe'en episode, and mehopes you all like- whether it's All Hallows Eve, or just any occasion where some spooky music would fit your mood! ^_^

Love and Cheers,
Dj Selchie

PS- More will be coming up SOON! (Hopefully w/fewer flubs and sound quality issues. ;D)

Tracks Used in This Episode:
(And as per usual, you can visit the artist's web site via their name, and their MySpace page- if they have one- via the track title. :))

1. Joshua Safford - The Midnight Circus, Part 2
2. Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll
3. Chewy Marble - My Monster
4. Matchbook Romance - Monsters
5. Common Ground - Monsters
6. Voltaire - Goodnight, Demon Slayer
7. Kiva - Diana/Fanfare
8. Omnia - Wytches' Brew
9. Hungry Lucy - In the Circle
10.Ghost Bees - Vampires of the West Coast
11. The Mansfields - Who Wants to be a Zombie Anyway?

Thanks to the artists, The Podsafe Music Network, and Ioda Promonet for helping to make this episode- and every episode- happen. :) And many thanks to all of you who keep on listening. ;D

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