A Sickly Apology for the Saint Paddy's Day Show's Delay

Greetings everyone! Unfortunately I'm sick as crud atm, and that's delayed the production on the Celtic/St. Paddy's Day show. :( Please forgive me for this delay, but know that as soon as I no longer sound as if I've been gargling gravel and can finish a sentence w/o coughing, I'll get back to recording my voiceover portions of the podcast; so it will be live and active and ready to go! I have a HUGE show planned for you, chock -full- of great music and stupendous musicians that I truly hope you'll agree to be worth the wait. ^_^ (Plus, they'll have less talking than has been heard in previous eps, so you can just get right to the music!)

Until then, please enjoy this one silly selection from Brobdingnagian Bardsman Marc Gunn, as well as this snippet's lovely background music by Poitin! (Whose name I was not even about to try mangling on air. ;)) Both are graciously made available by Marc and the many wonderful bands at CelticMp3s.com, and I can't wait to play some of my favorites from there selection of FREE MUSIC (that's right, you heard me) on this next, upcoming Celtic/St. Paddy's Day show. ^_^

Love and grattitude to you all for your patience and loyalty!

Yours Always in Song,
DJ Selchie

Track List

Background Music: Poitin - Hot Days

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